Unleashing Moldova’s Investment Potential: EPC Summit Paves the Way

The European Political Community (EPC) Summit presents an excellent opportunity to draw the attention of prospective foreign investors. Ongoing projects can demonstrate Moldova’s investment potential across diverse sectors, according to a report by InfoMarket Agency. It emphasizes that just as banks open where their clients operate, politicians also attract businesses that seek political support.

The agency also reviewed significant investments made in recent years in various fields such as communications and technology, agriculture, energy, and insurance. In the banking sector, Moldindconbank stands out among the ten commercial banks owned by foreign investors, with a majority shareholder being Doverie United Holding AD from Bulgaria.

“This holding emerged from a privatization fund. Doverie has been operating for over 20 years and has established a reputation as a serious investor. Its main shareholder is Sopharma, the largest group of companies in Bulgaria, comprising 50 legal entities. Sopharma shares are highly sought after on the Sofia Stock Exchange. Interestingly, in 2020, these shares were surpassed by Doverie Holding due to the acquisition of Moldindconbank. Unlike the other two new investors in Moldovan banks, Doverie Holding did not previously have any financial or credit institutions in its ownership structure,” the agency commented.


Over the past two years, over 10 million euros have been invested in the development and modernization of Moldindconbank, as announced.

“Moldindconbank holds assets of 26.5 billion lei (the second-highest value in the system); it has 1.09 million payment cards, 158 branches nationwide (a leader in this regard), and is a systematically important bank,” the analysis further states.

According to the economic news portal, no matter how attractive Moldova may be to traditional investors, every state requires new injections, both monetary and technological.

“The European Political Community Summit is a unique opportunity for Moldova to showcase the country to almost all European states, represented by their leaders, on its own territory. Businesses follow politicians, just as politicians are guided by the economic interests of businesspeople. Conditions need to be created for mutual interests to coincide in attracting and protecting investments in the Republic of Moldova,” the InfoMarket Agency analysis concludes.

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