US Ambassador Expresses Confidence in Moldova’s Energy Security Efforts

The US Ambassador to Moldova, Kent Logsdon, is confident that Moldova will be able to address its energy security challenges through joint efforts with external partners. Speaking at the opening of the “Combating Energy Poverty in Europe: Challenges, Lessons Learned, and the Way Forward. The Moldova Example” forum in Chisinau on Thursday, he highlighted the importance of tackling energy-related issues.

“Moldova faces challenges in the field of energy security and rising prices due to its dependence on energy supplies from Russia. The United States has already provided assistance in this regard. Our goal is to address short-term problems and together build a secure democratic future,” stated Ambassador Logsdon.

He further highlighted that the United States has offered financial aid to Moldova and provided generators. Additionally, they have collaborated with Moldovan authorities to identify the most cost-effective “non-Russian” suppliers, including through the Trans-Balkan pipeline, and supported the interconnection with Romania.


Energy security has been a significant concern for Moldova, given its historical reliance on Russian energy imports. The country has been working diligently to diversify its energy sources and reduce dependence on a single supplier, aiming for greater resilience and stability in its energy sector.

The forum, organized in Chisinau, serves as a platform for experts and policymakers to discuss and share experiences on combating energy poverty in Europe. It provides an opportunity for Moldova to showcase its efforts and learn from the experiences of other countries in addressing similar energy challenges.

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