USAID Enhances Moldova’s Cross-Border Efficiency with Mobile Office Donation

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has provided support for the smooth operation of the newly established Leova-Bumbăta border crossing point between the Republic of Moldova and Romania. The American organization has donated six mobile offices, fully equipped with everything necessary for customs activities.

DORIN RECEAN, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, expressed his gratitude for the collaboration between the governments of Moldova and Bucharest, the United States, and the European Union, which together contribute to the development of infrastructure that benefits Ukraine as well. He extended his thanks to the United States government for this generous donation.

Each mobile office features four fully furnished workstations in the form of counters, equipped with modern IT technology.

LAURA HRUBY, Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Chișinău, emphasized the commitment of the United States to cooperate with the Moldovan government and its citizens in building a democratic, prosperous, and secure future. She stated, “Today, we witness a concrete example of how the Moldovan-American partnership enhances Moldova’s prosperity.”

IGOR TALMAZAN, Director of the Customs Service, expressed gratitude to the American people for their continuous support to the Customs Service through the embassy and various projects. He commended the prompt response and assistance provided by the United States, both for the Leușeni-Albița crossing point and the Leova border post.


The Leova-Bumbăta border crossing point, jointly established by the governments of Moldova and Romania, was inaugurated in May to facilitate the movement of goods and passengers between the two countries. It serves as another gateway to the European Union.

The mobile offices, valued at $100,000, were equipped with the support of USAID through the Institutional and Structural Reforms in Moldova Program. This donation underscores the strong partnership between the United States and Moldova in promoting efficient customs operations and facilitating trade between the two nations.

The provision of these mobile offices will enhance the functionality of the Leova-Bumbăta border crossing point, contributing to smoother operations and improved services for businesses and travelers alike. It reflects the commitment of the United States to supporting Moldova’s development and its integration into the European community.

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