(VIDEO) A success story thanks to the support of international partners! Nutritional bars produced in Ungheni are exported to Romania

Ion Dulgheru, hailing from Todiresti village in the Ungheni district, is the proprietor of a specialized company focused on crafting nutritional bars, nut pasta infused with honey, and honey cream enriched with freeze-dried fruits.

“In our nascent stages, we handcrafted our bars within the confines of our home kitchen. With the aid of a grant obtained from Romania, we relocated our operations there, where we honed our craft for three years in a slightly more automated environment, although approximately 90% of the product was still handcrafted,” reveals Ion Dulgheru.

Upon returning to the Republic of Moldova with his family, Ion Dulgheru availed himself of support from the “EU4Moldova: Focal Regions” program, funded by the European Union and executed by UNDP and UNICEF.


With this assistance, Ion Dulgheru invested in crucial equipment including a packaging line, a high-capacity mixer, and refrigeration units. These acquisitions, totaling 30,000 euros, facilitated a remarkable increase in production capacity, escalating from 2000 bars per month to an impressive 2000 bars per day.

Furthermore, Ion Dulgheru achieved a significant milestone by completing his inaugural export to Romania. He harbors ambitions of further penetrating European markets in the foreseeable future.

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