Video: Announcement from the Government: The first three representatives from the country attended the EPP summit in Bucharest

Maia Sandu, Igor Grosu, and Dorin Recean attended the European People’s Party summit in Bucharest. The government spokesman, Daniel Voda, made the announcement.

“On 6 and 7 March, Prime Minister Dorin Recean, President Maia Sandu, Speaker of Parliament Igor Grosu, and a group of MPs will attend the European People’s Party Congress in Bucharest,” announced Voda.

In relation to Dorin Recean’s schedule, the Moldovan Prime Minister has arranged meetings with the President of the Romanian Senate, Nicolae Ciuca, and will also hold discussions with his Polish counterpart, Donald Tusk, the Dutch Prime Minister, and other European officials and political leaders.


Maia Sandu and Igor Grosu are currently in Romania. The head of state held talks with her counterpart in Bucharest and participated in several events. Meanwhile, the speaker gave an interview to the press on the other side of the Prut, discussing Moldova’s accession to the EU and the issues related to Gagauzia and Transnistria.

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