(VIDEO) Back from Moscow. There was a fight between passengers and security officers at Chisinau airport

A new scandal has erupted at the Chisinau International Airport. Reports indicate a scuffle between passengers and security officers. The users published on social networks video footage of the moment of the fight.

According to local Telegram channels, Moldovan citizens returning from Moscow from the “Victory Bloc” congress were allegedly involved in the conflict.

MP Marina Tauber wrote on social networks that the security service was checking supporters of fugitive oligarch Ilan Shor. According to her, security officers detained them for four hours.

Border police also commented on the incident and said they “recorded a series of provocations and aggressive behavior from a group of people who flew in from Moscow.”


The Border Police issued a press release stating that they had drawn up a protocol on one of the passengers for aggressive behavior toward border guards. Additionally, the Border Police have identified three passengers, whose identities they have established, and they will prosecute them for violating public order.

Law enforcers noted that the safety of all passengers is a priority. The Border police will not tolerate violations and ask each passenger to comply with the rules of crossing the state border.

The day before, supporters of Shor participated in an economic forum held in St. Petersburg and a congress of the so-called Victory Bloc, led by Ilan Shor.

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