(VIDEO) Carp about Gutsul’s threat to withdraw Gagauzia from Moldova: “A barking dog never bites”

A barking dog never bites. It is how the head of the Parliamentary Commission for Security, Lilian Carp, commented on Gutsul’s statements about the independence of autonomy in the case Moldova accedes to Romania on the air of the Rezoomat program on RliveTV.

“Follow actions with statements. We live in a state governed by the rule of law, which must be respected, even against a bandit. Otherwise, we can get into a situation where any person in Moldova who makes such a statement on a social network will be prosecuted, bringing it to the point of absurdity. The SIS collects evidence, the prosecutor’s office decides whether the actions of a politician or a person lead to destabilizing actions, and then action is taken against that person. They know it very well. They bark and make noise, but they do not bite. Of course, law enforcement agencies follow the made statements and see if there are actions after them,” Lilian Karp said.


Earlier, Gutsul threatened to withdraw Gagauzia from Moldova if Moldova decided to unite with Romania.

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