VIDEO INVESTIGATION: “Moldovan wine rivers.” How is the wine industry adapting to modern environmental requirements?

The international community recognizes the Republic of Moldova for its award-winning wines, which have become a symbol of national identity. The Moldovan wine industry produces over 130 brands of wine and sparkling wine. It includes 130 small wine-producing enterprises, 70 bottling factories, seven sparkling wine factories, and five wine production factories. Does this production affect the ecology of our country? How does the wine industry adapt to modern environmental requirements, and what measures is it taking to reduce pollution?

Watch the investigation conducted by REALITATEA Press Group journalists Traian Stoianov, Lilia Burakovschi, and Sergiu Scobioala, producer of RLIVE TV, to see what environmental specialists, local authorities, and representatives of wine companies have to say about the challenges and solutions implemented to protect water resources.

Representatives of the Cricova Combine say that in addition to the financial problem, there is also a problem with the location of the water pre-treatment plant. They are not against complying with Regulation 950 (on the requirements for the collection, treatment, and discharge of wastewater into the sewerage system and/or water bodies for urban and rural settlements) and have even started the technical development of such a plant, but they are sure that there are other options.


Environmentalists predict that soon, drinking water will become the most expensive resource on the Earth. The Republic of Moldova is not rich in water resources, and our irresponsible attitude towards nature, uncontrolled consumption, and lack of proper supervision by the responsible bodies – demonstrate quite clearly that the issue of drinking water quality in our country is not yet a priority.

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