Discover the touristic Moldova! How much does it cost to vacation in summer and where to go?

Traveling through Moldova is an amazing immersion into the rich history, culture and natural beauty of this small but unique country in southeastern Europe. We have prepared for you a list of interesting places to visit during the summer season.


  • Description: Chisinau is the cultural and administrative Moldova’s capital and is rich in historical and architectural attractions. Includes the National Museum of Moldovan History, a botanical garden, and numerous restaurants with local and international cuisine.
  • Prices: Accommodation in a mid-range hotel starts from 50 euros per night. Excursions and museum visits cost from about €10 per person.

Old Orhei

  • Description: Historical complex in Orhei district with monasteries, fortresses, and medieval churches. Ideal place for lovers of history and architecture.
  • Prices: Guided tours cost approximately €30 per person.


  • Description: A national park with plenty of forests, ideal for hiking, picnics, and wildlife watching.
  • Prices: The entrance ticket costs about 5 euros.


  • Description: A town in the south of Moldova, surrounded by vineyards. Ideal place for wine lovers and cultural excursions.
  • Prices: Winery tours and visits to historical sights cost about 35 euros per person.

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