(VIDEO) Ion Ceban will not run in the presidential elections this autumn

The National Alternative Movement Party (MAN) chairman, Ion Ceban, announced on Monday, 27 May, that he will not participate in this autumn’s presidential elections. The mayor of Chisinau said that he will continue to exercise his mandate as mayor of Chisinau.

“I will remain to exercise my mandate as mayor general of Chisinau municipality. I have said every time, and I declare today, that I am not interested in running for President of the Republic of Moldova in the autumn of this year because the people have given me their vote of confidence in Chisinau. I cannot disappoint the people of Chisinau”, concluded Ion Ceban.

Elections for the President of the Republic of Moldova will be on 20 October 2024. Fifty-six deputies voted on a draft resolution providing for this at the sitting on Thursday, 16 May.


According to the Constitution, the term of office of the President of the Republic of Moldova lasts four years. It is exercised from the swearing-in date until the newly elected President takes office. Maia Sandu took the oath of office as President of the Republic of Moldova on 24 December 2020.

Also, on 20 October, the Republic of Moldova will hold a constitutional republican referendum in which citizens will answer the question: “Do you support the introduction of European integration in the Constitution of Moldova?” Two answer options will be available on the ballot paper – “Yes” and “No.”

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