(VIDEO) A diplomatic council will be set up in Chisinau. Popsoi spoke about who will be included in the council and what functions will be carried out

In Chisinau, will be created a diplomatic council. The council will include former ambassadors, former foreign ministers, and opinion leaders. Moldovan Foreign Minister Mihai Popsoi announced it during a press conference.

The Foreign Ministry needs, according to Popşoi, to mobilize resources in everything that diplomacy means and to develop and strengthen its analytical capacities to forecast certain events.

“I plan to set up a diplomatic council soon from former ambassadors, former foreign ministers, and opinion leaders who have a voice because of their impressive experience, and in this diplomatic council, discuss current topics. Let’s listen to those who have experienced similarly difficult conditions because I don’t remember a time in Moldova when everything was perfect. There were always problems. Maybe not as it happened in the last two years, but former foreign ministers, former administrators who are no longer part of the diplomatic system, or opinion leaders in civil society can help our diplomacy. Within the diplomatic council, we will rely on this openness on the part of those who want to help and support, and there will probably be many who will want to lend a hand. We call on every citizen to be a faithful ambassador for our country. Whether it is young people, students who go on academic exchanges,” the Foreign Minister said.


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