(VIDEO) Mircea Geoana: Moldova’s accession to the EU is a good thing for Romania

Moldova’s accession to the EU is a positive thing for Romania, says Mircea Geoană, referring to the economic and agro-industrial sector. The statements were made at the specialized forum “Agri Trade Summit 2024.”

The NATO Deputy Secretary General noted that Ukraine’s European integration could disrupt the Union’s economy. At the same time, according to him, the Romanian government is prepared to ensure that the country’s interests are not affected.

“Moldova’s accession to the EU is a really good thing for us because a common economic and agro-industrial space between two countries so close in all respects could be a positive element for our ability to play a greater role in the vital process,” Geoana said.


Mircea Geoana pointed out that NATO member states have solutions to ensure economic security. At the same time, he suggested the administration in Bucharest focus on developing agro-industry, not the agricultural sector, to change the country’s industrial model.

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