(VIDEO) Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine will work together against propaganda: trilateral memorandum signed in Chisinau

Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine will work together to combat disinformation. Foreign ministers Mihai Popshoi, Luminitsa Odobescu, and Dmitro Kuleba have signed a trilateral memorandum to counter propaganda.

The head of diplomacy in Chisinau, Mihai Popshoi, said that the common goal of the three countries is to ensure international support for the peace establishment in Ukraine. According to him, Moldova is ready to become a logistical hub for the reconstruction of Ukraine. At the same time, the minister emphasized that the Chisinau authorities will make a joint effort with Bucharest and Kyiv to combat Kremlin propaganda.

“In this statement, we express our desire to promote closer cooperation to strengthen joint capabilities to counter the Russian Federation’s hybrid threats,” Popshoi said.

Luminitsa Odobescu reiterated that Romania supports the European accession of Moldova and Ukraine. According to the Romanian diplomat, Russia continues to launch hybrid attacks against democratic countries, and the Moldovan government is taking wide-ranging measures to deal with these attacks.


“Unfortunately, Russia continues its actions of regional destabilization. The support of the international community is not only in support of Ukraine, but it defends the rules-based norms of international security. The signing of the trilateral memorandum of understanding to combat disinformation represents our joint commitment to counter this phenomenon through more structured cooperation,” said Minister Odobescu.

For his part, Dmitro Kuleba reiterated the importance of Moldova and Ukraine joining the European Union. He said that this is the only possibility to achieve peace and stability.

“Once we become EU members, the borders between Moldova, Ukraine, and Romania become invisible. It will be a new opportunity for Europe and all of us. Russia is still trying to destabilize our countries. It is, in total, open war, but it also uses hybrid warfare against Romania and Moldova,” the head of Ukrainian diplomacy said.

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