(VIDEO) Moldova to receive more Piranha armored vehicles and air defense systems from Germany

The Republic of Moldova will receive 14 more Piranha armored vehicles from Germany. The Minister of Defence of the Federal Republic of Germany, Boris Pistorius, announced this during a press conference in Chisinau, together with our country’s Minister of Defence, Anatolie Nosatii.

According to the German official, Germany will also provide our country with air defense systems.

The German Defence Minister said that Germany will always be on Moldova’s side, as our country is part of the European family.

“We are happy to support you in strengthening defense capabilities in the Republic of Moldova. Our teams have already been working together for a long time. We have talked about this before. I want to mention again that Germany will finance the purchase of 14 more Piranha vehicles. In addition to the 19 that have already been delivered, Germany has signed contracts for 14 more armored vehicles.


We are also supporting air defense in the fight against drones, and we will most likely deliver the equipment for this next year.

In addition to the Piranha, there are also those logistic vehicles you see here, which we have delivered and will deliver again later. We will deliver medical equipment that we have managed to deliver very quickly for the National Army,” said Boris Pistorius.

The Ministry of Defence also received a new consignment of assistance from the Federal Republic of Germany on Friday, 31 May.

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