(VIDEO) Renato Usatii does not exclude that the referendum initiated by the president Maia Sandu will be canceled

The leader of the “Our Party,” Renato Usatii, does not rule out that the referendum on Moldova’s accession to the European Union, initiated by the country’s president, may be canceled. The politician also said the High Court of Justice might decide this issue. The statement was made in the Rezoomat program on the RLIVE TV channel.

“I will be the first politician to accept the course chosen by the citizens of Moldova. Usatii, Dodon, and Sandu do not have the right to decide whether we are in the EU or not. Firstly, this referendum must be prepared. Before the presidential elections, it looked like a simulation of electorate mobilization by Mrs. Sandu. In 2030 (i.e., Moldova’s accession to the EU), there is no chance. We must be realistic. (…) The presidential apparatus is scared of failure, and I do not rule out that the referendum could be annulled. This will not happen on the initiative of Maia Sandu. It will be announced by the Constitutional Court. Would I vote for the EU in the referendum? I would not. I have always been for the vector of national development,” said Renato Usatii.

Maia Sandu initiated a referendum on Moldova’s accession to the European Union in December 2023. The Constitutional Court is to give an opinion on this matter.


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