Video Sport unites! Maia Sandu saw off the marathon participants on their way from Chisinau to Bucharest

Maia Sandu led the athletes participating in the Rubicon 2024 marathon from the Arc de Triomphe in Chisinau to the Arc de Triomphe in Bucharest. The President expressed his confidence in their abilities and encouraged them to return home to Moldova in good health.

“We are here to celebrate sport and health and to acknowledge your courage and determination. I am certain that all participants have faith in their abilities. This is also my hope for our country – to have confidence in our strength and to move forward despite obstacles, as we strive to be a part of the European community. Our shared love for our country unites us, as does our desire to secure peace, freedom, and well-being. I wish you the best in achieving your goals and hope to see you return home in good health,” the head of state said.

The President stated that such events promote understanding, friendship, and peace between communities, as well as a healthy lifestyle through sports.


“Every step taken on the nearly 500 km route from the Arch of Triumph in Chisinau to the Arch of Triumph in Bucharest will bring the two capitals closer together. Dear runners, remember that strength is not only in our feet but also our hearts and our ability to believe in ourselves, “Maia Sandu also said.

The marathon will last around 60 hours. The route is divided into 50 stages, each between 7 and 15 kilometres long. Participants who signed up could choose how many routes to run and the organisers will also provide a coach.

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