(VIDEO) The Antoci family returned from Italy to Falesti to realize their dream – a cow farm

The couple Lucia and Constantin Antoci from Falesti worked for many years in Italy but decided to return home to Moldova. In 2022, they decided to invest all the money they had earned in a cow farm. In addition to their investment, the entrepreneurs received financial support from the European Union.

“The business has deep roots, beginning many years ago when we married. It was my husband’s dream, although I was skeptical at first. After spending many years in Italy, we decided to return home. (…) It’s a very high investment area, and €2,000 was part of what we set out to do, so we also had our contribution to buy a milk cooling machine. We want to access other investment projects because we have these opportunities to grow, to build another farm,” said Lucia Antoci.

The story of the Antoci couple is part of the campaign launched by the REALITATEA Press Group: “Moldova Chooses Europe,” in which we tell about successful businesses launched in Moldova with financial support from the European Union.


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