President Maia Sandu, on the 75th anniversary of the second deportation operation: “We choose peace for all the children of Moldova”

On 6 July, we commemorate the largest deportation operation in our country’s history. Seventy-five years ago, on the night of July 5-6, the Stalinist regime unjustly branded small children, pregnant women, and some of the most respected members of our communities as “enemies of the people” and deported them during the SUD (IUG) operation. According to the presidential press service, authorities organized a commemoration rally at the monument dedicated to the victims of the communist regime’s deportations.

President Maia Sandu stated in her message, “More than 35 thousand people were forcibly taken from their homes at night and transported thousands of kilometers away, solely based on lists. Under a totalitarian regime, life became reduced to merely being a name on a list. We did not choose deportation. No one asked for our input. We did not choose to endure starvation, death, or military conscription.”

The head of state emphasized that it is each of our duties to understand our history. “Let us never forget its horrors and ensure that our country never experiences such terror again,” said Maia Sandu.


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