Financial literacy. The NBM, with the support of USAID, will realize an information campaign

The National Bank of Moldova (NBM), in partnership with the Independent Analytical Center Expert-Grup, will start distributing informative materials on various topics in the financial sector aimed at citizens of all ages.

The National Financial Education Campaign, supported by USAID (MISRA), will distribute informative materials to help individuals orient themselves in the financial environment, understand its evolution, and recognize its advantages.

“The financial education informational materials provide accessible explanations for all, advice on the best savings or credit products – to avoid the risk of over-indebtedness, or investment opportunities. In addition, the population will learn how to choose a favorable insurance product, make safe non-cash payments, and why knowledge of inflation and the central bank’s monetary policy instruments will help them make financial decisions,” the National Bank notes.


Over the coming weeks, on Tuesdays and Fridays, the National Bank’s and Expert-Grup’s communication platforms will successively publish informative materials.

“The national financial education campaign aims to provide citizens with useful information to help them navigate the financial environment and make decisions that benefit both their personal and public welfare,” said the NBM.

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