(VIDEO) The premiere date of the Moldovian action movie “The Power of Probability”

The premiere of “The Power of Probability,” the first Moldovan action film, will take place on September 23 at the National Palace “Nicolae Sulac.” The trailer has already been released by the production team.

According to the script, 11 children mysteriously disappear in the capital of Moldova. The authorities try to hide the case, and the individual investigations of a police officer, Vlad, lead to the elite of the government of Moldova.

“Fed up with the corruption of his superiors, Vlad enlists the help of his friend Rodion, who works in the secret service, and over his years of work, has collected enough dirt to bring down the entire ruling elite, along with the shadow government. In an attempt to find the missing children, Rodion and Vlad are forced to make a pact with a criminal leader because only together do they have a chance to overthrow power and force the oligarchs to flee abroad,” reads the film’s description.


Our colleagues are part of the team that worked on the film. RLIVE TV producer Sergiu Scobioală is also one of the film’s producers, and RLIVE TV reporter Traian Stoianov got under the skin of a character.

Tickets for the premiere are already available on iTicket.md and cost between 200 and 500 lei. The first showing of the movie will take place at the National Palace “Nicolae Sulac.”

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