Republic of Moldova Joins ‘Digital Europe’ Program with Equal Funding Access to EU Member States

The Republic of Moldova will participate in the “Digital Europe” Program, within which it will have access to funding on an equal footing with EU member states.

The initiation of negotiations on the project of the Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova is expected to begin after the Parliament’s vote, with the document already on the deputies’ agenda.

The “Digital Europe” Program is a new funding initiative of the European Union, set to run until the year 2027 with a planned total budget of 7.6 billion euros. The program’s goal is to support and accelerate the digital transformation of the European economy and society, bringing benefits to citizens, public administrations, and businesses within the EU.

The association of the Republic of Moldova with the “Digital Europe” Program will allow small and medium-sized enterprises, citizens, and public administrations of our country to access non-repayable financial resources for funding projects in four key areas: high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, advanced digital skills, and the optimal implementation and use of digital capacities and interoperability.

Additionally, the “Digital Europe” Program will complement the funding available through other EU programs: the Horizon Europe Program for research and innovation, the Connecting Europe Facility for digital infrastructure, the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, and structural funds.

According to the Parliament, the Republic of Moldova will only pay 10% of the financial contribution for participation in the Program, as the European Commission will offer a substantial reduction to our country.


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