Moldova is always in the heart! What restaurants in the world can you try Moldovan cuisine?

Today we will continue to tell you about the restaurants of Moldovan citizens who currently live in other countries. They do not forget the values of our country, national cuisine, and culture. Our diaspora strives to show the whole world what a beautiful country Moldova is with hospitable people. You can find the first part here.

Restaurant Moldova in New York

The love for traditional Moldovan food has reached New York. Here, you’ll find a cute restaurant bearing the name Moldova and serving exclusively delicious dishes, sometimes spiced up with live music.

“Hanul Moldovenesc” in Quebec, Canada

If you miss the delicious Moldovan food that your mother or grandmother used to cook, but you live in France, then you should visit “Hanul Moldovenesc.” You are guaranteed a homely atmosphere, national cuisine, and memories of your homeland. And the terrace overlooking the garden will remind you of summer evenings at your grandmother’s house in the village.

Restaurant “Moldova” in Madrid, Spania

Want to have a real Moldovan wedding but live in Spain? No problem! After all, there is a restaurant, “Moldova” in Madrid, where you will not only plunge into the gastronomic world of Moldovan cuisine but will feel the whole atmosphere. In this restaurant, you can every day eat national cuisine, but you can also reserve it for a big solemn event.

Restaurant “Moldova” in London

Homemade mamaliga, baked chicken according to traditional recipes, and real Moldovan wine. All this has become available to Londoners, as a restaurant with national Moldovan cuisine has opened here.

Restaurant “Moldova” in Mérignac, France

Certainly, when it comes to delicious food, France is at the top of the list, but sometimes nothing tastes better than something that reminds you of your childhood, of good times, or your home country. Because longing needs to be soothed whenever it arises, we also found a Moldovan restaurant in France where the food tastes like home.

Traditional Moldovan dishes are so delicious that they are very popular outside the country. This guided those Moldovans who decided to start their own business, opening restaurants and stores with Moldovan specifics in different countries of the world. And our list is another proof of how our people love their culture and want to tell the world about it.

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