From Thailand to Canada: Global Journeys of Moldovan Cuisine

The aroma of cabbage rolls, the taste of stew, and the scent of Moldovan wine give shivers to both the Japanese, Australians, and the French. Compatriots settled in different corners of the world have opened restaurants where they can feel at home, and the locals have appreciated the uniqueness and traditions they have brought with them.

Alaskan Soba

A Moldovan couple living their American dream opened a Moldovan restaurant in Alaska in 2018. They share Moldova’s traditions and culture with Americans and even encourage them to travel to our country. The menu features dishes like polenta, cabbage rolls, pies, ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’ (a type of sausage), and Guguță’s hat.

Moldova in Boston

Wines from Moldova, grilled minced meat rolls (‘mici’), homemade noodles, cabbage rolls, and other delights enchant the residents of Boston and remind Moldovans living there of home.

Moldovan Cuisine Conquers Thailand

In 2022, the Moldova restaurant opened on the island of Phuket. Considering the level of tourism development, it can be said that the establishment brings the taste of authentic cuisine to foreigners from dozens of countries simultaneously. It would be curious to know what the people of Thailand think about ‘colțunași’ (dumplings), pies, and ‘mici’ (grilled minced meat rolls).

Ganea’s Kitchen Fairy Tales – in the Michelin Guide

The restaurant opened by three Moldovan friends in Guangzhou has made its way into the Michelin Guide. Classic Moldovan dishes are served in a modern, original, and reinterpreted manner.

Moldova in Toronto

Combines both traditional and unusual flavors. The menu offers a variety of dishes, from soup and sour soup to ‘mici’ (grilled minced meat rolls), hinkali, draniki, polenta, and éclairs.

Luck from Tokyo

The only Moldovan restaurant in Japan welcomes guests with the flag of the Republic of Moldova. The Japanese are served soups, pickles, Moldovan wines, pies, jellied meat, polenta, cabbage rolls, and other local delicacies.


In various corners of the world, Moldovan cuisine has found its place on the global culinary map. From the snowy landscapes of Alaska to the vibrant streets of Tokyo, from the heart of Boston to the tropical shores of Phuket, and even in bustling cities like Guangzhou and Toronto, Moldovan flavors have captured the attention and palates of both locals and foreigners alike.

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