(VIDEO) What is social cohesion? The HEKS-EPER Moldova organization comes up with more details about this concept

Social cohesion is essential for a harmonious society, but what exactly does it mean? HEKS-EPER Moldova explained the term by providing concrete examples of how to facilitate the socio-economic integration of refugees and vulnerable Moldovans.

Imagine a community as a jigsaw puzzle. Social cohesion is the ‘glue’ that holds the pieces together, creating a complete picture. It refers to the positive bonds between community members, the sense of belonging, and shared responsibility.

“A cohesive society is one in which all members feel included, respected, and able to contribute to the common good. It ensures that all its members, regardless of origin, social or economic status, have access to equal opportunities,” the organization’s post reads.


How can we build social cohesion? Through education, awareness, active participation, mutual support, and solidarity. HEKS-EPER Moldova promotes social cohesion in our country’s communities through various projects. These initiatives support both vulnerable Moldovans and refugees from Ukraine, contributing to:

  • Reducing unemployment: creating employment opportunities for all.
  • Strengthening communities: Organizing workshops and events that promote understanding and collaboration.
  • Holistic support: Providing educational, financial, and moral support to people in need.

Social cohesion is essential for a better future. Together, we can build a stronger and more united society, urges HEKS-EPER Moldova.

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