Volunteer Gala in Chisinau Celebrates the Most Active and Committed Youth

Twenty-two volunteers from youth non-governmental organizations, Youth Centers in Chisinau, and initiative groups were honored at the first Municipal Volunteer Festival in Chisinau, 1st Edition.

According to the General Directorate of Education, Youth, and Sports in Chisinau, the event took place to acknowledge the dedication and exceptional contributions of young individuals passionate about volunteering.

The volunteers were awarded in the following categories:

  1. Most Active Volunteer of the Year 2023
  2. Volunteer Coordinator of the Year 2023
  3. Outstanding Volunteer Project of the Year 2023
  4. Structures Oriented towards Volunteer Activity Implementation

Additionally, participants in the Volunteer Marathon held during the National Volunteer Week in Chisinau were recognized and awarded at the event. The organizers mentioned that over 50 applications were submitted for the competition.

“In 2023, over 180 young volunteers from Youth Centers, Youth Councils, Non-Governmental Organizations, and student associations participated in a summer school dedicated to volunteers. The goal was to establish partnerships and develop the volunteer field, thereby strengthening the bonds between young people and the community,” specified the authorities.


It is worth noting that in the last 4 years, the Municipal Youth Center in Chisinau has issued approximately 350 volunteer cards and engaged over 2000 volunteers in various projects, emphasizing a firm commitment to promoting the values of volunteerism and the active involvement of young people in the positive transformation of society.

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