Vulnerable Moldovans and refugees participated in a business induction training organized by the NGO HEKS/EPER

On 7 March, the National Library of the Republic of Moldova hosted an event initiated by HEKS/EPER Moldova, a non-governmental organization based in Zürich, Switzerland.

The geopolitical situation and the set of socio-economic problems in Moldova were the basis of the business training for vulnerable Moldovans and refugees from both Ukraine and Russia.

The program was tailored to the specific needs and the level of knowledge and skills of this target group, aiming to inform and consult at an early stage those who want to develop a business in Moldova.

The 24 participants were guided by Greta Hincu – a personal and financial development trainer, and a graduate of the University of Orleans in France with more than 10 years of extensive experience in finance.


Over several hours, people generated business ideas that can be competitive in the market, learned the basics of a business plan, from concept description, and market analysis to marketing strategy, but last but not least, they were introduced to the potential challenges you can face once you become an entrepreneur.

Participants gained valuable skills for a future in business and appreciated the training:

“I really enjoyed the seminar. Ms. Greta was interesting and talked about different ways of looking at starting a business, which is very important, and in general how to generate an idea and to develop it further,” says one participant.

“I like events like this because it’s where you start thinking more productively. You do small tasks step by step to come up with your business idea as a result.”

“Most importantly, I learned a lot from the practical exercises. It was beneficial this training.”

“I understood more deeply how you can turn a business idea into something stable and valuable for oneself. It was successful for me to open a business here, thanks to the different trainings I attended, but also because I had the experience of founding a business in Ukraine.”

HEKS/EPER Moldova supports the social cohesion’s strengthening, integration, and economic empowerment of refugees and vulnerable Moldovans.

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