“We have high hopes for this app!” Dumitru Alaiba about EVO’s testing

More than three thousand people have registered to test the EVO application, Economic Development Minister Dumitru Alaiba said in a program on journal TV. According to the official, all personal documents will be stored in the system, more public services will be provided, and the app will work soon.

“We have decided to focus all our efforts on EVO. In the coming days, beta testing will be launched for registered people. Gradually, everyone will be invited to join the test group, which will help us avoid many mistakes,” said Dumitru Alaiba.

By testing the application, the authorities aim to identify and eliminate bugs and unforeseen problems that may affect the interaction with the user.


On February 6, was announced about the creation of an electronic system named the “Public Depository of Financial Statements.” The platform will facilitate the collection, processing, storage, analysis, and publication of financial statements, the management report, and the auditor’s report while ensuring data protection and security.

The Ministry of Economy states that the new system will increase transparency in the business environment. The information it provides on entities can benefit potential business partners, professional investors, the general public, and interested authorities. The initiative aims to align Moldova with European financial reporting practices.

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