The Tiraspol plant “Electromash” has suspended its work. Why exports to 40 countries of the world were stopped?

The Tiraspol-based “Elektromash” plant has suspended production, blaming the Moldovan authorities, local media reported.

According to the statement of the so-called Tiraspol administration, the Moldovan authorities “block the export of the plant, claiming that its products are dual-purpose.”

“This is completely illegitimate: “Elektromash’s” products have never been considered in such a way. All European and Asian partners with whom “Electromash” works have officially notified the Republic of Moldova that the electric motors produced do not belong to strategic goods. The decision of the Moldovan authorities also contradicts the relevant EU Regulation, which contains a clear list of dual-use goods. However, all these arguments did not convince Chisinau to give up the illegal blocking of exports,” the so-called Transnistrian authorities say.


It is specified that 600 employees of the plant will be unemployed.

Recall that the enterprise is engaged in the production of AC electric machines of explosion-proof and general industrial design for the drive of pumping, ventilation, and other types of equipment designed for coal, chemical, oil, gas, mining, metallurgical, and other industries, as well as energy.

The products were supplied to more than 40 countries of the world.

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