What do European tourists think about Moldova?

Travel Off Path is a media portal that writes about tourist attractions from various regions of the world, and the Republic of Moldova, of course, was no exception. The authors of the article were surprised by the fact that Moldova is the least visited country in Europe and highlighted our architecture, gastronomy and the atmosphere of the nights spent on the streets of Chisinau, writes Diez.md.

The authors declare that the Republic of Moldova is a place that deserves to be explored and appreciated, because it remains firm in its identity. It is also mentioned that our country does not need glitter to become an attractive destination for travelers, our secret is hidden in perceiving a local feeling, a feeling of Moldovan life that offers a new perspective.

It is also mentioned that life in Moldova is beautiful in that you can visit a wide variety of museums, take a walk through one of our many parks, visit the local market and, more recently, enjoy a coffee.

When it comes to Chisinau, the remnants of its Soviet past are mentioned, but the key word, according to the authors, is “the past”.


“It would be hard to say that the city is very different from what we might imagine ourselves to be at first. Like any other major city, there is the background noise of car horns, dogs barking or sirens every now and then, nothing special. Except that changes when the sun goes down. Here, travelers may feel as if they are in Europe again. Chisinau can go toe-to-toe with any European city that knows how to party. Bars, restaurants and clubs are all packed on weekends near the historic city centre.
It was also mentioned that Moldova hosts several monasteries an hour outside of Chisinau. In this chapter, Old Orheiul Vechi stands out, especially because of its caves kept mostly intact to display the history of the monks of the region.

There is also the Hâncu Monastery, as well as the Căpriana Monastery, a time capsule from the 15th century, where recent visitors have noted the cleanliness and preservation of such an important piece of history.

And how without it – wine? “One of the most popular wineries is known as Mileștii Mici. Designed as a fortress on the outside and a wine paradise on the inside, wine enthusiasts will not be disappointed to come here! The tours are offered in English and the full meal that is included is a perfect pairing with the wine.”

Another popular winery is Cricova, just 30 minutes north of the capital. Cricova is also an underground cellar where recent wine tasters describe it as “phenomenal” and were really impressed with the customer service.

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