What is the cost of constructing the “European Village” in Moldova? Government Announces Plan and Spending Until 2028

By 2028, the” European Village” programme will receive an allocation of approximately 2.5 billion lei from the state budget. According to an information note published by the Government, the highest co-financing comes from the beneficiary, at 0.2 billion lei.

The development partners are expected to provide approximately 2.5 billion lei. The development partners’ investments will help achieve the objectives outlined in the “European Village” programme until 2028, according to the authorities.

The World Bank will fund a project aimed at providing water and sanitation in Moldova. The project “Strong Enterprises and Municipalities for Moldova” will receive financial support from the German Government and the European Union. Additionally, Romania will provide 100 million euros in grants.

The authorities aim to provide access to the water supply network to approximately 200,000 Moldovans by 2028 and connect an additional 37,000 people to the sewerage network. The Ministry of Infrastructure has promised that 250,000 citizens in 100 localities will benefit from improved street lighting.

“The programme aims to renovate or rehabilitate public buildings in at least 250 localities within four years. It also aims to provide modern sports halls and fields for 375,000 inhabitants and improve the infrastructure of cultural and tourist buildings for 250,000 inhabitants. Renewable energy will constitute a larger share of total energy consumption in at least 65 municipalities,” the Government states.


Simultaneously, 400 employees of local public authorities will have improved their abilities in writing, managing, monitoring, and evaluating investment projects.

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