Will increase the reverse capacity of the Trans-Balkan gas pipeline: Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine launch public consultations

The operators of the gas transportation systems in Ukraine, Romania, and Moldova have initiated public consultations to explore the expansion of reverse capacity for the Trans-Balkan pipeline, as confirmed by the press service of the Ukrainian GTS Operator.

The endeavor to enhance capacity between the gas transmission systems (GTS) of Romania and Ukraine and the GTS of Moldova and Ukraine stems from a thorough market demand assessment conducted in 2023.

Notably, the Ukrainian GTS operator has received applications for guaranteed capacity in the Romania-to-Ukraine direction, reaching a maximum demand level of 18 million cubic meters per day. Similarly, in the Moldova-to-Ukraine direction, the maximum level stands at around 21 million cubic meters per day.


These consultations by GTS operators align with the commitment outlined in the Memorandum of Cooperation, focusing on establishing the South-North gas corridor, also known as the “Vertical Gas Corridor.” Moldova and Ukraine formally joined this initiative on January 19.

The inclusion of Moldova and Ukraine in the Vertical Corridor is anticipated to facilitate an annual gas supply exceeding 7 billion cubic meters from Romania to the countries of Central Europe through the Moldovan and Ukrainian territories.

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