Will Moldovan citizens need a visa to travel to CIS countries? Mihai Popsoi answered the question

At a meeting of the Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Policy and European Integration on January 31, the parliamentary commission examined a draft law on the termination of the agreement on visa-free access with the CIS countries. Earlier some Telegram channels reported that Moldova intends to denounce the agreement on visa-free travel of citizens of CIS states within the territory of the Commonwealth. The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI), Mihai Popsoi, commented on this situation.

“This is a lie and speculation. This treaty has long been terminated by most of the signatories. Its termination does not carry any risks for our citizens. We have bilateral agreements on visa-free access with CIS countries. Not only with Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, but we are working on it,” – commented the Minister for Newsmaker.

“The Russian Federation denounced this agreement back in 2000. This is a multilateral agreement. We have agreements at the bilateral level, which means that it will not affect the visa-free regime,” the head of the parliamentary commission for foreign policy and European integration, Doina German, added for NM.


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