Will the “Chance” Party be outlawed? Justice Ministry asks the court to limit the party’s activity

Justice Ministry asks the court to limit the activity of the “Chance” Party for six months. The Centre office of the Chisinau Court took the request.

The authority requests the application of the provisions of the Law on political parties. It comes after the Central Electoral Commission referred to the Ministry of Justice that the party’s governing body didn’t comply with the Commission’s requirements and didn’t submit complete data during the complex control of the party.

“By the legal provisions, the Ministry of Justice requested the “Chance” political party to submit the documents to the Central Electoral Commission by the requirements of the control act. Subsequently, the “Chance” party, being informed that the information submitted is not compliant for carrying out the control, which led to the registration of the action in court,” the authority notes.

The “Chance” party has not yet commented on the Justice Ministry’s request.


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