Abrupt water release at hydroelectric power plants in Ukraine may cause hydrological drought in Moldova

Due to sudden water discharges at hydroelectric power plants in Ukraine, there may be a hydrological drought in Transnistria and Moldova. The director of Dubasari HPP, Boris German, made such a disappointing forecast.

“They have released their reservoir almost to the minimum. To hope that it will rain in the Carpathians is a bit short-sighted, in my opinion. What’s going to happen in the summer? If it’s hot, there won’t be much water released, and there’s also a lot of evaporation. It threatens that water intakes may become bare altogether. Chisinau takes water from the Dniester. Vadul-lui-Voda may suffer, and Tiraspol may be affected,” said the director of the Dubasari HPP.

Earlier, meteorologists warned about the “yellow code”  introduction due to the danger of flooding.


“In Ukraine, upstream of the Dniester River, have raised the volume of water released from the Dniester River reservoir. It raises concerns about potential flooding in the river’s low-lying areas.”

Over the past few days, the water level in the Dniester has risen by one and a half meters. According to forecasts, the water may rise by a maximum of three meters.

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