Will the LEU change the front part? NBM Governor reveals this year they will look at the design of banknotes

The Moldovan Leu, introduced on November 29, 1993, is currently being considered for a redesign. Anca Dragu, the governor of the National Bank of Moldova (NBM), revealed to TV8 that there’s a plan to change the appearance of the national banknotes. After further consultations, we will reveal specific details about the new design and any alterations.

“I won’t disclose details now; we’ll save surprises for future discussions. But this year, we’ll be reviewing the design of Moldovan leu banknotes,” stated Dragu. “In subsequent stages, we will address changes such as modifying the material or improving the quality. Nevertheless, it promises to be an engaging project, involving collaboration to determine the new look of the banknotes.”

While some Moldovans advocate for updating the appearance of the Moldovan leu, others prioritize possessing them and are content with quantity over appearance.


The current banknotes, designed by artist Gheorghe Vrabie, depict the ruler Stephen the Great and various national monuments. Discussions about redesigning and enhancing the material quality have arisen, dating back six years, but no one has taken concrete measures.

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