The Kremlin lacks the potential to stage a coup to change the current government, according to Grosu

In the context of discussions about the potential for a coup d’état by the Russian Federation in the Republic of Moldova, Speaker of the Parliament and PAS MP Igor Grosu asserted that organized criminal groups are unlikely to engage in confrontation and are more likely to adopt a cowardly approach. Furthermore, they lack the necessary resources to achieve their objectives.

“I see them once every week or two weeks. We all know who they are – the representatives of an organized criminal group. Despite their appearance, they lack the strength and courage to confront us. However, we shouldn’t underestimate them, as they understand the consequences of betraying the homeland and engaging in separatism. They are not naive enough to believe that they can get away with their actions easily,” said the Speaker.

“I am observing some politicians in Moldova who have been obedient and have promoted the agenda of the Russian Federation. However, the Igor Dodon is making desperate efforts to prove himself superior. The Russian Federation is highly cynical towards such politicians. Lately, the opposition has been left incredulous by the decision to collaborate with known criminals. They are watching their chosen partners mock them without any reproach. I have conveyed to the opposition that they now have a rare chance to acknowledge the negative impact of the Russian Federation. The country has brought nothing but war, misery, and pain. They are attempting to revive something that no longer exists. In the EU model, parties closer to your ideology, such as socialists and social democrats, should take action,” Igor Grosu added on the TVR Moldova program “Punctul pe AZi,” edition of April 26.


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