Winners Revealed: Women’s Hackathon “Technologies for the Green Economy”

The first-ever hackathon for women focusing on green economy technologies took place in Balti and Comrat, organized by Tekwill and the Association of IT Companies (ATIC). This innovative event brought together women passionate about technology and sustainability with the aim of developing unique solutions for challenges in the field of the green economy, turning ideas into concrete actions.

Themes for Sustainability

The proposed themes for identifying solutions were waste management and recycling, technological solutions for efficient waste management, water collection and protection of water sources, educational programs for the green economy, innovative eco-friendly businesses, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

Seven teams presented their projects at the Balti hackathon, and four teams at the Comrat hackathon. Ideas were evaluated based on innovation, relevance to the green economy, social relevance, feasibility, environmental impact, and usefulness.

Winners in Bălți

At the Bălți edition, the first prize was awarded to the Eco Mobile team, which proposed a solution for reusing plastic waste to make furniture. The second place went to the Eco Tech team, which came up with the idea of launching a waste management app to encourage users to reduce waste production and recycle more efficiently. The third place was secured by the Green Agriculture team, which proposed another app, this time dedicated to farmers and aimed at guiding them in eco-friendly agriculture.

Winners in Comrat

The winning team at the Comrat hackathon was GreEnter, which proposed an educational program to raise awareness in schools, targeting students and parents, and designed to actively involve the new generation in waste sorting. The second place went to the EcoHub team, which proposed creating a community and hub for events and projects related to the green economy and sustainability. The third place was awarded to the Casa Mache team, with the idea of producing furniture and accessories from reused paper straw.

A Sustainable Impact

The hackathon successfully mobilized girls and women who want to make a real impact on the environment, becoming active agents of change in the community by generating sustainable and innovative solutions for the green economy, contributing directly to sustainable development.


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