Yard Sale – Mid Summer: A Celebration of Local Products, Film Props, Art, and Fun for All Ages

On Saturday, July 15th, you are invited to Yard Sale – Mid Summer. The fair will take place on the premises of Moldova Film. In addition to the food court with various snacks and refreshing drinks, there will be a film prop exhibition. The organizers will display a small part of what has been filmed in Moldovan cinematography throughout the last century.

This time, approximately 150 vendors with high-quality products will gather. An eco-market of honey, herbs, pasta, snacks, and indoor plants will be set up.

At a large-scale Yard Sale, you can always find paintings, illustrations, posters, postcards, ceramics, and other art objects created by talented local artists.

Yard Sale offers a range of activities for both children and adults. The little ones will forget about gadgets and even ice cream because they will have a fun adventure and maximum enjoyment in an obstacle race. With the help of experienced teachers, children will unleash their imagination to create objects from paper and glue.

Adults will relax in workshops, tea ceremonies, and karaoke sessions.

During Yard Sale, you can dispose of old electronic devices and other equipment (mobile phones, keyboards, blenders, toasters, circuits, and even batteries). All of these will be sorted and sent for recycling.


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