Zakharova – involved in the war of metropolitans in Moldova

Interchurch relations in Moldova today are being politicized, and official Chisinau, contrary to the provisions of the Constitution, allows interference in the affairs of confessions. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, in response to the statement of the Bessarabian Metropolis that “the Metropolis of Moldova is an occupational structure into which KGB agents have been introduced.”

“The accusations against the Orthodox Church of Moldova are absurd, absolutely groundless, and, apparently, due to the futility of the attempts of the Romanian clergy to lure its clergy into their bosom. (…) The official Chisinau, in its efforts aimed at the political polarization of the Moldovan society and the dismantling of ties with Russia, follows the example of the Kyiv regime, which has repeatedly confirmed its Nazi essence,” Zakharova believes.


Recall that the ROC, to which the Moldovan Metropolis is subordinate, has repeatedly supported the war in Ukraine, calling for prayers for President Vladimir Putin.

In this regard, the Bessarabian Metropolitanate issued a press release in which it said that it “receives and will continue to receive all Romanian priests and deacons from the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine who are outside the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate, based on several Orthodox canons that allow clergy to separate themselves from what is insulting and oppressive to the hierarchy, immoral, corrupt and Simonist, preaching the heresy of war and murder, as seen today in the example of the unjust war in Ukraine.”

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