Zelenski, at the Council of Europe: I informed Mrs. Sandu about Russia’s plan to destroy Moldova

Vladimir Zelenski claims that he informed Maia Sandu about the fact that Russia would have a plan to change power in Moldova. The declarations were made at the Council of Europe.

The Ukrainian leader stated that documents proving his claims were obtained by Kiev’s intelligence services. According to him, there is a plan to establish Kremlin control over Moldova, but it is not known if an order was given to execute it.


“I spoke to the president of Moldova, Mrs. Sandu, and informed her what our spying managed to find out. It is a Russian plan to destroy the political situation in Moldova. A Russian document that shows who, when and how wants to destroy Moldova, who wants to change the democratic order and establish control over the country. I warned Moldova about these risks, in order to defend it. Each of you would have done so. We do not know if an order was given in Moscow to apply this plan against Moldova, but we saw that they want to try. They tried this against Ukraine, against other countries in Europe,” said Zelensky.

The Ukrainian leader arrived in Brussels after visits to Great Britain and France. Officials from the Chisinau Government also visited the Belgian capital the other day, the delegation being led by Natalia Gavrilița.

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