Moldovans in Russia Urged to Reject Putin’s “Poisoned Gift” of Simplified Citizenship: A Recruitment Attempt for the Kremlin’s War Against Ukraine

Moldovans residing in Russia are being urged not to accept what is dubbed as Putin’s “poisoned gift” – Russian citizenship under simplified procedures. Prime Minister Dorin Recean characterized the decree signed by Vladimir Putin on Monday, December 17, which allows citizens of Moldova, Belarus, and Kazakhstan who have turned 18 to obtain Russian citizenship with ease, as a ploy to recruit cannon fodder for Putin’s war against Ukraine.

Recean emphasized that the streamlining of the Russian citizenship acquisition process for Moldovans in the Federation aims solely at recruiting individuals for the inexplicable and brutal conflict initiated by the Kremlin against Ukraine.

“I consider it another attempt to recruit cannon fodder for this incomprehensible and brutal war by the Kremlin against Ukraine. And I want to warn, I want to ask Moldovan citizens not to follow these so-called simplified procedures,” declared the prime minister during an interview.


According to Recean’s information, there are currently at most 200,000 Moldovans in the Russian Federation.

“Many of our citizens left the Russian Federation after the start of the war. Many have returned home, and others have gone to other former Soviet states or European Union countries. I believe that around 150–200 thousand Moldovans remain in Russia,” concluded Dorin Recean.

Citizens of the Republic of Moldova who have reached the age of 18 will be able to receive Russian citizenship through simplified procedures. The requirements for permanent residence in Russia, from the date of obtaining the residence permit, and knowledge of Russian history have been waived for citizens of Moldova, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Those desiring Russian citizenship will only need to confirm their knowledge of the Russian language, as stated in Putin’s signed decree.

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