3.5 mln. lei, which would have been used to pay the protesters – seized!

Over three million lei were collected from representatives of the ŞOR Party. The money would have been used to pay the protesters in the center of the Capital.

The announcement was made by Veronica Dragalin during a press briefing. According to her, on October 19th were detected several people who were sending the money in the territory and those who were distributing it to the demonstrators.

“A person with a bag left the city of Chisinau and moved to the north of the country. She was caught in the act while passing the money to the leader of a territorial organization of the ȘOR Party. 55 searches were carried out during the day. I can report to you some amounts of money found and raised. I picked up about 20 black bags with the same emblem. They have a white, glued, handwritten label. Today, approximately 3.5 million lei were raised,” said Dragalin.


According to the head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, the amount of 3.5 million lei was used weekly by the formation. Eight people were detained. Investigations continue, and the Prosecutor’s Office is to announce further details of the investigation later today.

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