30 Years of Moldovan Leu: Milestones and Celebrations

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the Moldovan Leu into circulation as a means of payment in the territory of the Republic of Moldova. In a congratulatory message, the governor of the National Bank of Moldova (BNM), Octavian Armașu, emphasizes that the introduction of the national currency marked a significant step for the Republic of Moldova towards a market economy, the first economic reforms, and the initial expressions of an independent monetary policy.

“The Moldovan Leu became the national currency of the newly created modern state, the Republic of Moldova, shortly after proclaiming its independence. It has subsequently undergone numerous resilience tests, but each time, it has managed to maintain and strengthen the trust of citizens. The Moldovan Leu has affirmed its role as a means of payment enshrined in the Constitution, and the National Bank has the necessary experience to ensure its resilience and maintain a stable and trustworthy banking sector,” Octavian Armașu stated.

In this anniversary year for the Moldovan Leu, the BNM is organizing several events, including a journey on the “Money Trail.” It is a financial education event popular among children and young people, with financial topics becoming of increased interest to many of them. The journey will begin at the central bank and end at commercial banks, offering visitors the opportunity to learn how money circulates, in what form, and how it reaches the economy or consumers.

Additionally, in partnership with the National Museum of the History of Moldova, the National Bank is organizing excursions dedicated to the anniversary of the Moldovan Leu from November 25 to November 30, 2023. At the museum entrance, visitors receive a card-ticket that grants them free access to all rooms, including the “Treasures of the Past” exhibition, showcasing artifacts made of gold and silver.

The celebration will culminate in an official ceremony, which can be followed live on all BNM communication channels, including the website and social media. During this event, the winners of the “Discover the Monuments on Moldovan Leu Banknotes” contest will be announced.


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