A gas tariff compensation mechanism will be approved by the end of the month

The increase in the natural gas tariff for consumers requested by S.A. Moldovagaz at ANRE was the topic of discussion on the TV8 show “Întreabă Ghețu“. During this, the guest of the PAS deputy, Radu Marian, declared that the state will offer to the citizens a compensation mechanism already towards the end of this month.

“We are preparing a compensation mechanism for the winter. Today the government itself published the bill on particip.gov.md. So there will be 6 categories of households depending on their energy vulnerability. And we are already preparing this concept, and by the end of July it will be approved and people will know how they can benefit from this help. So we are going to approve this mechanism in parliament by the end of July, which will be one based on the application submitted. “

Regarding the tariff increase, the PAS deputy mentioned that he is waiting for a correct decision from ANRE and at the same time announced that by the end of November the Court of Accounts will present a report based on the monitoring of Moldovagaz.

“We are also waiting for ANRE’s decision to analyze very well, but at Moldovagaz it is important to see the results of the audit of the Court of Accounts. We are waiting for the report of the Court of Accounts in parliament until the end of the year and we will see how the money is spent there. We have voted a special law in the parliament and by November the audit report on investments and expenses will be presented to the deputies. “

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We remind you that Moldovagaz asked ANRE to increase the tariff for natural gas for final consumers starting from July 1 at a price of 26.5 lei with VAT included, 45% higher than the current one of 18.6 lei, approved by ANRE on June 1 this year.

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