The Transnistrian leader about NATO weapons, war and a potential attack

Vadim Krasnoselsky says that there are forces that cannot change your rhetoric and they are talking about the escalation of the situation on the left bank of the Dniester, the separatist area is ready for war, but he does not think that Moldova would resort to attacks. The statements were made in an interview given to a Russian propaganda press-agency.

Tiraspol says it is impossible to prepare military forces for a possible attack on the neighboring country and sees no moves from Chisinau to escalate the Transnistrian conflict. However, he said the region is “ready to defend itself”.

“We are ready to repel the aggression of any enemy in case of a military threat. But it is desirable to exclude this phase and resolve all issues at the negotiating table. We will not attack, ” Krasnoselsky said.

In the interview, Krasnoselsky also referred to the ethnic groups living in the separatist area and the citizenships they hold in addition to the unrecognized one – Transnistrian. According to him, because both Moldovans and Ukrainians live on the territory of the region, they will not attack their relatives on the constitutional territory or in Ukraine, but will take up arms to defend themselves.

As for Russia’s possible military actions on the left bank of the Dniester, he says the peacekeepers will not be discredited, and Moscow will not tarnish its reputation. According to him, such information only aims to instigate the spirits.

“Provocations in Transnistria are ruled out,” he concluded.

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We specify that previously in the public space appeared information such as that the Transnistrians are recruiting soldiers for the Russian army. The statements were made by Alexandru Slusari, referring to sources in the territory. Meanwhile, separatist officials are standing in line at the door of Russian state television, the most frequent guests being the so-called Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev. He has repeatedly said the area wants independence.

On the other side, the Speaker of the Chisinau Parliament, Igor Grosu, is of the opinion that such statements are not new and appear frequently after the declaration of independence. According to him, such messages are written by Moscow and, in fact, belong to the Kremlin, not Tiraspol.

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