A new meeting of the foreign affairs ministers from Moldova, Romania and Ukraine

A new meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine is planned. The announcement was made by the head of diplomacy from Bucharest, during the G7+ meeting of heads of diplomacy.

The event is scheduled for February. Previously, Aurescu, Popescu and Kuleba shook hands in Odesa, in September 2022. Then, the ministers of energy from the three states also participated in the meeting, with common lines of action being agreed for the development of interconnectivity and the strengthening of the energy security of Ukraine and the Republic Moldova, in the medium and long term.


“The Romanian minister also highlighted the special situation of the Republic of Moldova, faced with a deep energy crisis, generated by limitations regarding the availability and access to resources. He specified that Romania contributes directly to finding solutions for the most pressing problems, such as ensuring about 80% of the total electricity consumption needs of the Republic of Moldova, as well as ensuring gas transit to this state through the IaČ™i gas pipeline -Ungheni-Chisinau”, states the diplomacy from Bucharest.

At the same time, the Romanian foreign minister pleaded for sustainable, more structured and permanent solutions to the current challenges facing Ukraine and the entire region. He offered assurances that “Romania will continue to consistently support Ukraine and its citizens, in cooperation with all partners who share the same visions and goals.”

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