Moldova will continue to purchase electricity from the separatist zone

Energocom announces that in February it will continue to buy electricity from Cuciurgan following the extension of the contract with the power plant on the left of the Dniester. The volume of electricity delivered will be almost 70%, writes

“For the month of February, SA Energocom will procure approximately 230 thousand MWh from MGRES, following the extension of the electricity supply contract signed today. According to the coordinated schedule, the minimum daily margin will be 6.8 thousand MWh, and the maximum – about 8.9 thousand MWh. The price remains the same as in the previous two months – 73 USD/MWh”, says the state operator in a press release.


Energocom says it will continue to purchase electricity from SN Nuclearelectrica SA, 30 MWh of the daytime band and 10 MWh of the nighttime band. In total, in February, the purchase from SN Nuclearelectrica SA will constitute 16,240 MWh. The price of energy, according to this contract, is 450 RON/MWh equivalent to 90 euros.

Chisinau reached an agreement with Tiraspol at the beginning of December 2022 for the resumption of electricity supplies at a price of USD 73 per MW in exchange for the 5.7 million cubic meters of gas, but also for the environmental permit granted to the Rîbnița metallurgical plant.

The electricity supply contract is extended monthly.

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