A new minister of Food and Agriculture

PAS MP Vladimir Bolea, who is also chairman of the parliamentary committee on agriculture, was sworn in as agriculture minister. The press was neither informed about the fact that Viorel Gherciu left this position, nor about the new appointment.

A video from the inauguration of the new Minister of Agriculture was broadcasted on the Government’s Facebook page. The event was attended by the president of the country, Maia Sandu and the prime minister Natalia Gavrilița.

“Minister, congratulations. Our task is clear, we must create conditions for a competitive agricultural sector. It is not easy, given the challenges of today. But I am sure that you and the team will succeed. Success, “said Maia Sandu.

“Congratulations! I think that for many this appointment is not a surprise, if we look at the decisions in the field of agriculture that have been taken in the last 11 months, most of them came as a legislative initiative, as initiatives started by the Parliamentary Committee and you personally. That is why I am confident that this transition will be an easy, natural and auspicious one for the development of the agriculture and food industry. I look forward to working together “, says Natalia Gavrilița.


Last week, the Minister of Agriculture Viorel Gherciu declared that the information about his resignation is false. At the same time, Vladimir Bolea said that he will not change the chair of deputy to that of minister.

Vladimir Bolea is 50 years old and has held the position of deputy since 2019. He has a master’s degree in economic law and is vice-president of the Action and Solidarity Party. At the same time, he has 20 years of experience in the agri-food field.

Viorel Gherciu was previously criticized by the agricultural associations, but also by the parliamentary opposition demanding the resignation of the minister, being dissatisfied with the support policies of the agri-food sector.

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