A new Omicron wave is coming to Moldova?

The National Agency for Public Health (ANSP) announces that the virological laboratory continues the selection of biological samples for monitoring the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 strains on the territory of the country and identifying mutational variants of the virus, through the viral genome sequencing method.

Therefore, following the analysis of the results of the last sequencing, in all 16 selected samples the circulation exclusively of the sublines belonging to the Omicron variant was identified, also confirmed in the case of the previous procedures.

Thus, this strain remains dominant on the territory of the Republic of Moldova in triggering cases of illness with COVID-19.

“The samples were selected from different regions of the country (municipality of Chisinau, districts — Basarabeasca, Ialoveni, Cimișlia, Orhei, Străseni), from rural and urban areas, confirmed by molecular biology techniques (RRT-PCR) and subjected to sequencing. In the selected samples, the Omicron variant was confirmed in eight men and eight women,” the ANSP information note states.

Citizens are urged to get vaccinated, as this is the only safe and effective method to prevent serious cases of illness and death from COVID-19.


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