A UNDP partnership that supports civic activity and voter education

One of the tasks of education in democratic societies is to support and encourage the young generation to become active and interested in participating in decision-making in public and political life. In order to help national institutions in the field of education to achieve this task, the Center for Continuous Training in the Electoral Field (CICDE) and UNDP Moldova developed a partnership.

This partnership aims to encourage the involvement of young people in electoral processes, supporting a series of electoral education activities. Activities such as intellectual games, debates, interactive voting simulations, summer camps, creative laboratories, and civic education campaigns.

What should the national authorities do in the field of education to further train generations of young men and women who are civically active and involved in electoral processes, what are the international and regional practices in this field, and how could we improve the electoral education process by introducing it into schools of the optional discipline “Electoral Education”?


These questions are answered by the author of the study “Electoral education – a basic attribute of citizenship in a culture of participatory and representative democracy”, Dr. Loretta Handrabura, associate professor.

The study was developed within the UNDP Moldova project “Consolidation of democracy in Moldova through inclusive and transparent elections”. It was implemented with the financial support of USAID and can be accessed HERE.

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